Work Projects, I Stay Busy All of the Time

Work Projects, I Stay Busy All of the Time

So I thought I would just do a quick post to talk about some work projects I’m working on under the Excuse My Thai umbrella. I stay busy pretty much all of the time. The blog was only the beginning for me. All of this is done while working a full time job too. That makes for a lot of work with very little time to get it all done. But, it’s all fun for me…the Excuse My Thai stuff that is, definitely not the real job stuff. Writing my first e-book Know Before You Go Thailand drove me even more. It gave me the confidence to take on other projects. I’m just so determined to succeed. So let’s take a look at what is upcoming.


Web Hosting

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Adventures of Pancake Book Series

I’ve already started work on a children’s book series. What better way to do this than to use my own family for inspiration. I used my youngest daughter, Pancake, for the main character. Her sister and cousin will be featured also, but in the series they will all just be sisters. Pancake’s grandmother Bunma will also be included in the stories.

The age group I am writing for is from 2-5 years old. The writing part is easy, but the illustrations are what will be challenging. Yes, I’m doing my own illustrations too! Every book follows Pancake and friends as they meet characters from Thai folklore and legend. All stories will teach a moral lesson to young readers.

This is going to be a long process. I’m using a program called Affinity Designer for the digital processing of my hand drawn art. It’s pretty labor intensive for someone like me who is learning it all as I go. However, I’m really excited about the project. My plans include publishing in both English and Thai. This will be a project that I’ll be trying to get into Thai marketplaces. It will be great for those Thai parents teaching their children English who want moral stories that borrow from their own culture.


Excuse My Thai on YouTube

Soon I return to Thailand to bring my wife back to America. We’re finally at the end of our visa journey. I recently bought a new camera for taking photos when I am back in Thailand. If you’ve seen any of my photos on Instagram these were all with my wife’s old Apple phone. This time I’m bringing a Google Pixel and will be taking video as well.

This project is nothing but fun for me. I actually took video and editing college courses in the past. I was talked out of further pursuing this field, but that was close to two decades ago. Nowadays so much has changed with technology that anybody can shoot video and edit. I’ll just be using the phone to start with. Hopefully, I can work out some upgrades for decent equipment by the next time Ping and I return to Thailand. The important thing is to just start somewhere and get the ball rolling.



Right now I have my hands in all of this other stuff so the blog has taken a step back for now. I don’t have any blog posts planned, but this could change at any time. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I’ll just get an idea out of nowhere. This will change once Ping arrives in the U.S. and we start blogging about her experiences coming to America.

Lately, I’ve relied less on social media as well. My traffic from these sources just doesn’t justify spending the time on them. My blog does well with SEO and most of my traffic comes from search engines. That’s just what my blog dictates. It’s very educational based and I work with SEO in mind.


Temples of Thai Book Series

More books? Why not? I like the idea of creating products and leaving behind a legacy of work. And, there’s the fact that they provide passive income. Eventually, I’d love to have enough money coming in through various sources so I can quit my job and make a career being an entrepreneur. That’s the dream!

This particular series will be another long term project anyways. I want to explore Thai temples, talk to monks, and then record those experiences for others that are temple seekers. One book would be on Bangkok temples. Another on Ayutthaya temples. So on and so forth. No matter which area of Thailand a traveler is going to I want there to be a book that goes in depth about the temples in that area.


Non-Profit Organization

I’ve said it elsewhere, but I’ll repeat. My ultimate dream of doing all of this is to start a non-profit that helps rural Thai families with their children’s school supplies. Thailand has the greatest income disparity in the entire world. At the bottom are the rural families of Isan. This comes straight from the heart because these are my family’s neighbors and my children’s friends. I’ve been there. I have seen the poverty. Every child deserves an opportunity to learn. I want to travel all around rural Thailand doing whatever I can to deliver school supplies to some of the country’s poorest villages.


Well, it’s a lot of work, but I enjoy staying busy with this type of stuff. I’m full of ideas and have created a perfect creative outlet with the Excuse My Thai brand. I can’t wait to continue growing and developing. There’s nothing better than saying you are going to do something and then seeing the actual finished product. It’s quite addicting. The secret is realizing the process it takes. It starts with an idea, you put in the work, and the result is a creation. Stay busy everyone!



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  • Eena

    How awesome! I’m so excited for you to take your wife to America from Thailand – you definitely need to update us on that! And awesome on the ebook, would definitely like to see it. Can’t wait!

    ☼ cabin twenty-four

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