We are dying. So what will you do today?

We are Dying, So What Will You Do Today?

We are dying. Let those words strike a feeling deep inside of your gut because death is a certainty. The time to work on what legacy will be left behind for this world is now. Whatever that may be. Whether it’s art, a book, a philosophy, or any other creation. Decide on what that mark will be and make it happen. Nobody else is going to do it for you. Start making plans to see the things you want to see and have the experiences you want to experience. As in right now.


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Dreams should not be left behind as ghosts within our minds. If you pictured it already, then start taking the steps necessary to manifest it. Any barriers impeding your progress should be tackled. Every person telling you it’s not realistic should be let loose. Learn to take this time on Earth and control your willpower. Do what you want to do.

Everybody has dreams. Do you dare challenge yourself to complete them? Will you make a pact with yourself to begin today? Are you going to create your own path?

Tell me what you want out of this world. Speak with me your plans. Say to me the steps that need to be taken to accomplish those feats. Shout out to the world the legacy you are building. Motivate yourself and inspire others.

I don’t want to die without my name stamped onto this world. I am a creator. It is these creations that I will leave others. There will be those people that outlive me. I desire for them to tell others about my influence on their own lives. I will leave a legacy.

And you? May I inspire you to start your own legacy? Can I strike an intensity inside your heart with the immediacy of these words? Because we are dying, my friends. And you don’t know when that last breath will be. Will your legacy go unknown? So what will you do today?


We are dying. So what will you do today?

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