Waterfall Cave Soda, Roi Et, Thailand: Nature & Buddhism

A treasure named Waterfall Cave Soda awaits those willing to find it in the northeastern tip of Roi Et province, Thailand. Nature and Buddhism blend together to create this amazing site. Waterfall Cave Soda is a tremendous site for hiking, photography, and prayer. The spectacular views are also worth the bumpy ride it takes to arrive here.

White buddha statue covered with snakes
Beautiful white Buddha

Make no mistake about it, this is agricultural countryside. The northeastern part of Thailand, called Isaan, is what one would call unseen Thailand. The beauty of it being that Isaan is quiet, peaceful, and laidback. Waterfall Cave Soda is one of those places barely found on a map, but locals are more than happy to show it to you.

Trees and river view at Waterfall Cave Soda
Waterfall Cave Soda is a wonderful site surrounded by nature

After taking an unnamed road to get to the site, one arrives to a dirt parking lot. Food vendors set up here ready to sell you delicious Thai Isaan food, water, and cola. A snake covered white Buddha is the first statue seen. Walking uphill, next is found a larger white Buddha to the left. A large gong also stands to the right.

Man strikes gong with hammer three times
Strike the large gong thee times

Continuing on the path are stairs leading steeply downhill. My first thought was that the return hike would be grueling when going uphill. I was right. A photo opportunity awaits here. An easy climb to some large stone puts one with the scenic Phung Yai river in the background. Moving on, sand is met at the bottom of the stairs. A huge cliff wall is now to the left.

Huge stone cliff wall
Huge stone cliff wall

A short walk leads to a small circular stone pool. Right before the cave sits the pool. The cave itself is large and beautiful. A waterfall runs over the cave and drops down below.

View of Phung Yai River at Waterfall Cave Soda
View of Phung Yai River at Waterfall Cave Soda

There was not much water flowing at the time I was here (April). The waterfall was more like a slow stream. Luckily it had rained the day before. The rainier season would be a very great time to visit Waterfall Cave Soda.

Waterfall Cave Soda, Roi Et Province, Thailand

Built into the cave is a place for prayer, rest, and reflection. Golden Buddhas adorn the cave. Another gong stands off to the side as well. You can view the Phung Yai river when looking out of the cave. One could also travel further on, but my party and I headed back at this point. Then our kids ate ice cream sold by the food vendors after the trek. Lastly, we traveled a short distance to Huay Poong Yai Reservoir.

Buddha statue and pool of lotus
Buddha statue and pool of lotus

Huay Poong Yai Reservoir is my bonus part of this review. The place now had many vendors due to it being Songkran festival. A road bridge goes across what is the reservoir on your left. During our time here we saw people tubing behind a boat. We stopped for some photographs too. Neat huts lined the shoreline. The place looked like a great place to just chill, relax, and have fun. However, we were off to our next destination.

Huay Poong Yai Reservoir
Huay Poong Yai Reservoir

Waterfall Cave Soda lands a huge thumbs up from me. I love nature and Buddhism, so this spot had the perfect combination of those. If one is looking for unseen Thailand, then sites like Waterfall Cave Soda in Isaan country are definitely what one should strive for. Enjoy life Isaan-style here!


Waterfall Cave Soda, Roi Et Thailand: Nature & Buddhism


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