Visa Decision is Finally in, Huge News!

Huge news! The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok has made a decision on Ping Ping’s visa. We are beyond thrilled to announce that her visa is approved! Such an exciting day for us! It’s been a long journey and we’re just extremely happy to take the next step in our relationship.

Almost one year has passed since I first petitioned for Ping Ping’s visa. And, although we made some missteps along the way, we can finally breath a sigh of relief at this decision.

First, Ping Ping made an extra trip from Bangkok to Roi Et. This was due to me reading wrong instructions and not realizing that Ping Ping needed a Single Status Certificate from her home village. A plane ride that came after previously making the same trip by bus just a few weeks before for other paperwork.

Then, the embassy originally set the interview for April 4. We had no idea because we thought an appointment letter would be sent by mail. Instead, they sent the notification by email. We only noticed this last week. Fortunately, the embassy rescheduled it swiftly.

The actual interview took place on May 8. Ping Ping arrived, checked in, and patiently waited for her turn. The embassy officer was very pleased to realize that she could speak English well. She took an oath to tell the truth and proceeded to answer 4 questions from the officer.


Where will you live in the United States?

How did your fiance and you meet?

What is your fiance’s job?

When did your fiance last come to Thailand?


Next, the officer told her of the decision. The visa is approved and will arrive by mail in one week. The interview is very short. Of course, by this time, the embassy has a ton of paperwork on the case and have already completed their investigation. The interview is just a face-to-face encounter with an officer to ensure basic questions about the relationship can be answered.

We will now be making travel arrangements over the next two months. I will return to Thailand soon to meet up with Ping Ping. We will travel to Roi Et to spend time with family. Then, back to Bangkok to see friends. On to Hua Hin for some relaxation. And finally on a plane to the United States. Soon thereafter, we will drive to Colorado for a private, self-officiated wedding.

A great big thank you to everyone who has supported us through this time. I hope our story gives a little insight to anyone interested in marriage-based immigration to the United States. It is a long and difficult path. A decision to do so should not be taken lightly. Yet, if you truly love each other you make it work. Afterwards you become unstoppable. Love knows no borders. Peace, everyone!


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