A large portion of Spain has undergone modernization. Cities like Valencia, Granada, and Seville, luckily, have retained much of their old-world beauty.


Granada is the greatest city in Spain, according to many visitors. The Alhambra, a castle and palace constructed and utilized by the Moorish kings that ruled Spain, is the main attraction. The Alhambra must be seen to be appreciated. The building is in good condition and has an exquisite Moorish design and style.

One of the most magnificent interior structures in the world. Granada has the feel of a “real” Spanish city, with cobblestone alleys, bullfighting arenas, and meandering lanes in addition to the palace. Granada is a great location to go for a stroll.


Valencia is a must-see city in Spain, similar to Barcelona in certain respects. Located on the Mediterranean coast, the city has kept its old-world beauty while avoiding the modernizing errors that plagued Barcelona.

Much of the architecture in the ancient historic district shows Arabic influences resulting from the reign of invading troops. Palaces are being renovated, and streets are mostly made of cobblestone. Taking a seat at an outdoor café, ordering tapas, and just relaxing is maybe the best way to soak up the atmosphere.

Valencia offers a great selection of beaches for a large city, so don’t be shy about soaking up some rays.


Seville is the place to go if you want to witness authentic Spanish bullfighting. Whatever your views regarding bullfighting, the Plaza de la Real Maestranza’s bullring is the best in Spain and well worth a visit. The bullfighting sessions are tough, but even if you aren’t interested in the actual sport, you should definitely go see the building.

Even if you aren’t interested in bullfighting, you should go to Seville to view the Alcazar Gardens. I once got disoriented in Seville and came upon these. They are lush and lovely, with rivers, flowers, and greenery aplenty. You may easily spend a day strolling around Alcazar and admiring gardens that, in my view, match any in Europe. A visit to the Plaza de Espana is highly recommended.

In terms of city development, Spain often struggles to reconcile the ancient with the modern. Valencia, Granada, and Seville are excellent options if you want a more traditional setting.