Is it on your bucket list to see Niagara Falls? Don’t be afraid to admit it. It is for a large number of people. The top of my list of “destinations where I want to run away and be married” is generally Niagara Falls. Although Niagara Falls is no longer giving Vegas a run for its money, it remains a popular tourist destination in many people’s minds for a variety of reasons.

Japanese, American, and European visitors routinely rank it as one of the best attractions in North America. I’ve compiled a list of three of my favorite ideas for making the most of your visit to Niagara Falls.

Three Tips

The first is the IMAX format. Don’t underestimate the influence of technology when visiting a natural site. An IMAX viewpoint may be beneficial to any attraction. In fact, I frequently attend an IMAX production before seeing the real thing to have a feel for what to expect. It’s possible that an attraction has a lot of history that you wouldn’t know about until someone informed you about it. Niagara Falls has an IMAX production that you should definitely see.

Second, go to the Aquarium at Niagara Falls. Just across the border in Canada, you’ll find some of the best bargains in the region. When we last checked, adults were only charged $7 and children were only charged $5. While this may have changed after this piece was published, it is still a fantastic deal at any price. There are many fascinating fish and animals to observe. I’m confident you’ll enjoy it, and it’ll be a welcome break from the rapids.

Our final tip is to visit during the off-season. This is an excellent proposal that someone made to me (sadly, I cannot take credit for it). The best time to see Niagara Falls is during the summer. In Niagara Falls, like in Europe, the main tourist season is from June through August. However, the weather is still nice between late May and early September. You are not obligated to return home during the last week of August simply because everyone else is. September is an especially gorgeous month at Niagara Falls. Make the most of it and make your trip one to remember without having to deal with huge lines or hordes of people.