• How to Pray and Make an Offering at a Thailand Temple

    How to Pray and Make an Offering at a Thailand Temple

    Whether a Buddhist or not, all can show respect, pray, and make an offering at the temples of Thailand. However, bear in mind not all temples are the same. Contrary to popular belief different temples can have different meanings. There are temples devoted to the Queen, to the city of Bangkok, to those who have passed over, and more. Because of this there may be slight differences in how you make an offering and the praying. Generally speaking though, the offering consists of the same items….candle, flower, and incense. Wai Phra is the name of an offering. The candle symbolizes the enlightenment of Buddha. At the same time, this candle…

  • Journey to Wat Pha Nam Thip, Roi Et, Thailand

    Journey to Wat Pha Nam Thip in Roi Et, Thailand

    Wat Pha Nam Thip Thep Prasit Wanaram appears in the northeastern Thailand (Isaan) countryside seemingly out of nowhere. The journey here is scarce by tourists. The wat is located in the eastern part of the Roi Et province. The temple sits atop a hill. Surrounding below are rural villages and forests. The site contains one of Thailand’s largest chedis, Phra Mahachedi Chai Mongkhon. This chedi stands in the center with eight smaller chedis placed in each direction. The site is vast with lots to explore. Wat Pha Nam Thip is a must see if you plan to travel in Roi Et. You may also want to visit nearby Waterfall Cave Soda.…