• Petition to Marry your Thai Fiance in the United States with an I-129F

    Petition to Marry your Thai Fiance in the United States with an I-129F

    So you began a relationship with a Thai person, fell in love, and now desire to marry your fiance in the United States. Congratulations! An I-129F is your first step into making it possible to marry a Thai citizen within your country. By filling out this form you are petitioning the U.S. government to allow your fiance to enter the country on a K-1 visa for the purpose of marrying. It can be a time of great excitement, but also stress. USCIS approved my I-129F petition after 5 ½ months. The I-129F petition alone is now averaging a processing time of 5 ½ months to 7 months. The good news…

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    Long Distance Relationships are Absolutely Awful

    Long distance relationships are absolutely awful. There’s no other way to say it. At least not nicely. I live in the United States. My wife resides in Thailand. We are about as far apart as two people can possibly be. Do we make it work? Of course, we have no other choice. Relationships like ours consist of spending time video calling and reassuring each other that soon it will be okay. Soon, nobody will be able to keep us apart.   Our plan is for Ping Ping to come to the United States. As an U.S. citizen, I have petitioned for her visa. Best case scenario, her visa is ready…

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    One Lonely Night on Instagram Changed Everything

    One lonely night on Instagram actually changed my life forever. I have since married my wife…in a foreign country no less. But first, let me rewind. The reason being that our relationship didn’t start instantly on the social media site. While our first encounter was on Instagram, it was very brief. At the time, I was coming to terms about being alone after a long relationship. There I was…34 years old, never married, and without children. Aging, and although 30-somethings aren’t necessarily that old, I did imagine myself already settled down.   Honestly, that failed relationship was difficult on me. I entered a state of depression. It didn’t help that…