• Chatuchak Park, One of Bangkok's Most Popular Public Parks

    Chatuchak Park, One of Bangkok’s Most Popular Public Parks

    Chatuchak Park, located just north of downtown Bangkok, is one of the city’s most popular public parks. This park is just one of three included in the Chatuchak Park Complex. The other two being Wachirabenchatat Park and Queen Sirikit Park. First opened in 1980, Chatuchak is the oldest of the three. Queen Sirikit Park was built in 1992. It was named and constructed after Queen Sirikit in honor of her 60th birthday. Wachirabenchatat, year 2002, is the most recent to open.     I absolutely love finding good parks. They have beautiful scenery, nature, leisure opportunities, and are a great place for rest. People need this relaxation from time to…

  • U.S. National Park Series

    Great Smoky Mountains: America’s Favorite

    I have very fond memories of growing up as a kid in North Carolina and driving to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. My family moved away when i was teenager, but I moved back to the area as an adult. The Great Smokies are one of those places that call out to you. The amazing views, green landscape, and dense fog make Great Smoky Mountains National Park America’s favorite. Proof of that is the fact that it is the most visited national park in the United States. Tennessee and North Carolina both claim part of the park. The Great Smokies have also even been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.…