• Concepts of Thai Buddhism: Karma, Merit, Rebirth & Nirvana

    Concepts of Karma, Merit, Rebirth & Nirvana

    Karma, merit, rebirth, and nirvana are important concepts in Thai Buddhism. They are essential keys for followers to understand. Each one goes hand in hand, which is important to realize. The Thai Buddhist seeks good karma by making merit so that rebirth leads closer to the supreme goal of nirvana. Karma & Making Merit Karma is a natural law of the universe. No deity, priest, or monk rules karma. When thinking of gravity, we know that what comes up must come down. Karma exists with it’s own sort of law. What you do now affects what happens later.  The concepts of karma and making merit are tied together. Making merit…

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    Forces of the Universe at Play on Our Wedding Day

    Sometimes occurrences can seem a bit more than just pure coincidence. Take for instance our wedding date. It would appear that the forces of the universe were at play on our wedding day. Exploring the symbolism of our special day does make me wonder…did the universe really help bring my wife and me together? Or is it just mere coincidence? An alignment within the chaos that the brain perceives as order. Either way, my wedding was the greatest day of my life and the symbolism just adds to our love story.   Ping Ping and I decided to wed on the date of April 15, 2018. We chose this day…