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    Songkran Festival 2018 – a Small Village in Isaan

    Songkran Festival 2018 was an amazing time. My wife, Ping Ping, and I traveled from Bangkok to her home, a small village in Isaan. So what is Songkran? Songkran is the traditional new year of Thailand, which takes place in the month of April. All Thai people eagerly look forward to this holiday. Important is returning home to spend time with family. Featured heavily is water. This year, the Thai government extended the festival to 5 days, from April 12th to April 16th. The reason being that so people would have more time for travel. Driving from Bangkok to Isaan and back, it is easy to see why the holiday…

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    Learning Thai, or Muttering Some Words from a Book

    The next step in my relationship was learning Thai. I knew it would be important to speak my girlfriend’s language. In fact, if you ask me today the number one reason why American/Thai relationships fail, it’s because the American doesn’t bother learning Thai. Yeah, there’s the whole age difference thing which is the real number one reason American/Thai couples fail. But 60 year old men coming to Thailand and picking up 20 year old girls that work in bars should already know it’s not going to work out. Let’s keep it real. However, Ping and me are the same age, and are actually serious with one another. Like any serious…