Know Before You Go: Thailand e-book



Know Before You Go: Thailand is an informative resource for those traveling to Thailand soon, thinking about visiting and looking for more information, or those who just want to know more about this fascinating country. The author is married to a Thai woman and a father to two Thai children. This overview of the Kingdom of Thailand breaks topics down into categories covering…







and Popular Attractions.


Each topic is numbered with a total of 40 topics discussed in all. The book is designed to help newcomers to Thailand understand some of the things to expect while providing a deeper knowledge of the culture. Get to know members of the Royal Family, learn what ‘sai sin’ is, how to make an offering at a Buddhist temple, and why that person smiling at you doesn’t necessarily mean they are having fun. While not meant to be a complete travel guide, the book does cover topics like available transportation, currency, important phone numbers, and even some suggestions for popular attractions. As a digital option, it even becomes a resource that you can tap into without carrying a book along. Enjoy the book and know before you go!


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