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Believe it or not, I really don’t have a big travel bucket list. Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to travel the world over. Anywhere and everywhere is interesting to me. However, there are more than a few that really do stand out. Here’s my Top 5 travel bucket list destinations.


1 – Denver, Colorado & Rocky Mountains National Park

A bit of a two for one. I put this as number one because I already have plans to visit soon. It’s really not too far of a drive for me either. Yet, I’ve only seen the western side of Colorado. The Rocky Mountains is the one big national park that has eluded me so far. A few hikes high up in the mountains sound like medicine for the soul. My wife excitedly wants to see snow. Being from Thailand, she’s never see any in real life. This is where I have chosen for us to take a vacation to after her visa is approved. We will also check out Denver. Ping has never been to an amusement park either, therefore I have Elitch Gardens in sight. It’s going to be incredible! LoDo neighborhood also sounds like the perfect place to relax, go shopping, and grab a bite to eat.


A sidewalk in downtown Denver, Colorado
LoDo is an area of Denver known for its shopping, restaurants, and galleries.


2 – Tokyo DisneySea

Sure there are lots of places I would love to see in Japan, but Tokyo DisneySea tops the list. It’s highly considered one of the best theme parks in the entire world. Besides this, the park is completely nautical themed. Even now as an adult, I just love these type of parks. They’re so much entertainment for all ages. Mount Prometheus is the star of the theme park. Other areas include, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Mediterranean Harbor, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, Arabian Coast, and the American Waterfront. Visiting Tokyo DisneySea would be an absolute dream vacation.


Mickey Mouse at Tokyo DisneySea theme park
Mickey Mouse at Tokyo DisneySea.


3 – Vancouver, Canada

The one that slipped through my fingers. I previously had plans to travel to Vancouver and it just didn’t work out. Now it shows up on my travel bucket list. Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia, and one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities. It’s Chinatown is the third largest in North America. English Bay and Stanley Park are highlights on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. I think a walk across Capilano Suspension Bridge would be super exciting. Then there’s the ski slopes of Grouse Mountain. I still need to learn how to ski, but outdoor activities like this are abound in Vancouver.


Skyride at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, Canada
Grouse Mountain provides many outdoor activities in North Vancouver.


4 – Hawaii

The Hawaii Islands are home to waterfalls, colored sand beaches, volcanoes, and a rich culture. Both dormant and active volcanoes are found here. Being able to see an active volcano like the Kilauea Volcano would be a uniquely fun adventure. My wife would love Hawaii for the durian farms. Durian is a highly desired fruit in Thailand. However, most Americans shy away from it due to the smell. Durian can be hard to come by in the continental states so this is where Ping can come get her fix. Finally, the two of us could relax on one of the great beaches and just chill.


Hawaii Islands are part of my travel bucket list
The Hawaii Islands definitely make the travel bucket list.


5 – Iceland

Last on my travel bucket list is the land of fire and ice. Iceland is home to both lava fields and glaciers. The volcanic activity also causes geothermal spas. A nice soak in one of these spas would be lovely. And how about the Northern Lights? Iceland is supposed to be one of the best places on earth to see the Northern Lights. The pictures of this phenomenon would be amazing to snap. Throw in the country’s geysers and amazing waterfalls too for another wonderful vacation destination.


Northern Lights make Iceland's night sky look green.
The stunning Northern Lights create a magical looking night sky in Iceland.


The good thing about having a Top 5 is that it seems achievable. I could name hundreds of places, but how many would I really get the chance to see? It’s also nice knowing that we already have plans to knock one these destinations off the list. Soon it will already been down to four. Japan is also the country to connect flights at from the United States to Thailand. It’s not too much of a stretch to think we could visit the Tokyo site on a trip to visit family. The rest we’ll have to see how it goes. Hopefully, this list will be achieved and another one can be created in the future.



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  • Nancy

    It’s always nice to have a travel bucketlist. I love these selections you’ve made! Tokyo DisneySea is also a bucketlist place for me as well. Hawaii is a gorgeous state. Definitely take the time to check it out!

    Nancy ♥

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