Meet Our Lovely Little Cat, Sugar

We love our crazy little cat Sugar. He was taken in as a young kitten this last May. At times cute and at other times super playful, Sugar has become part of our family. Today, he’s right around 8 months old. It’s amazing just how big Sugar has grown already. We’ve watched our little cat grow right before our eyes.


The vet told us Sugar is part Himalayan Flame Point. The name Flame Point is in regard to the colored markings on his fur. Orangish-brown markings are on his face, ears, and tail only. Other than that he is completely white. Sugar also has blue eyes just like me. His paws and tiny nose are pretty pink. Sugar really is a handsome gentleman.


Sugar loves to play. Like most cats, he likes to chase things. Sometimes I’m even the one he’s chasing. I keep some cardboard boxes in a closet that he likes to jump inside of. Sugar’s favorite toys are my socks. Go figure. As a result, it can be a task to put my socks on in the morning. If I’m not on alert, he may come running from around the corner and attack. The same goes for shoestrings as I put on my shoes.


At first all Sugar wanted to do was play. Only recently has he enjoyed being petted. His mother was just a farm cat. Perhaps that’s the reason why. Now he likes to get a little love. Due to his Himalayan side, he likes always being close by people. He even sleeps on the bed. He also runs to the door to greet me when I arrive home from work. From what I read about Himalayan cats, they are well-suited to be indoor cats and do not show much concern about the outdoors. This describes Sugar perfectly. 


Being in a long distance relationship, Ping and I always video call every day. Sugar can recognize her voice. Likewise he will always come running to be close to the phone at these times. I make sure he gets his face time in with Ping as well. Afterward, Sugar will stick his nose to the phone camera to give Ping a kiss goodbye. He even gets jealous at times and tries to block the camera while we talk.


Pets are so much fun. They are just like people with a personality that is uniquely their own. Sugar is a fantastic cat. I’m really glad he is part of our family. Once Ping’s visa is ready I already know Sugar will get attached to her. She’ll be there when he wants love. I’ll be there for the times he wants to roughhouse. It has been really neat to witness him grow. We look forward to continue watching him as he develops. He’s definitely our little baby.


Meet our lovely little cat, Sugar


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