Lottery Fever: If I Won the Big One

Lottery fever has been in full effect around the United States lately. The Mega Millions recent jackpot was worth $1.537 billion dollars. It was the game’s biggest jackpot ever. Powerball’s jackpot right now is $750 million. Odds of winning the lottery are insanely low. But, what if? It can be fun to think about. With that in mind, here’s what I would do if I won the big one.


First, I would do the same as most people and focus on a house and car. Pretty standard thinking among those dreaming of winning the jackpot. I would look for a house on the coast. Perhaps in Maine. I would want a view of a lighthouse. Lighthouses are amazing. If I could own one, or last have the view of one everyday, that would be fantastic. An SUV would be my vehicle of choice. Not for sure which one, but I definitely feel more comfortable driving one as opposed to a car.


A lighthouse sits on Maine's rocky coast
I want a view with a lighthouse.


Next, I would buy a few toys. A waverunner would be a must. These are so much fun to play with. I think I might even want to learn how to sail and buy a sailboat. An ATV would be another must for me. My family owned three-wheelers growing up as a kid. I enjoyed driving those a lot. Maybe I would find some more grown up toys to play with, but these ones I would buy for sure.


ATV parked in the muddy grass
I would splurge on a few toys.


Mostly, I would spend my time traveling. The world would be mine to explore. Read my Travel Bucket List Top 5. Obviously, Thailand would be my first stop. Ping and I would travel everywhere. We would also take our children. Starting in Thailand, we would then work our way around Asia. Japan would be one place I would want to spend quite a bit of time in. Heading closer to home, I would want to travel all across Canada. I love my northern neighbors and want to further explore their country. We could also relax on beaches throughout the Caribbean. Eventually, we would make our way to explore Europe also.


View of clouds looking outside of an airplane window.
Traveling would be my life.


I would also seek out charities that work towards improving life in rural Thailand. Spreading the English language among Isaan school villages is something I would like to do. This would give children more chances at better jobs when they grow up. I would also help build or improve some of their schools. The same goes for villages that needed temples. Beginning some scholarships for those about to graduate so they could continue their education at the university level would be something I would like as well.


That basically covers what my life would be about if I won the lottery. A bit for myself, a lot for traveling, and being charitable also. It’s fun to think of what you would do if winning the lottery no matter how unrealistic the odds are. Most people have probably thought about it at some time in their lives. It’s just fun to dream about. And really, that’s the entire point, right?


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