Happy Birthday to Our Daughter, Chompool

October 11 was our daughter’s, Chompool, birthday. She turned 12 years old. Honestly, I don’t know who was more excited…her or me. I have been looking forward to it for some time now. Chompool is the older of our two girls. It’s already crazy to think that next year I’ll be the father to a teenager.


Our daughter and friends eating birthday meal
Chompool, family, and friends eating.


I sent $40 to Chompool for her birthday. In Thailand, $40 is more like $120 due to the exchange rate. She was definitely surprised to receive money. For those who don’t know, I became her father this year when I married her mother, Ping Ping. I wanted to spoil her due to the fact that I know she hasn’t had a father in a long time. Her birthday party consisted of having cake with friends. For her meal, she decided on a southern Thai curry dish named Gaeng Tai Pla. Chompool was also able to pick out her own birthday gift.


Gaeng Tai Pla, a southern Thai curry, over rice noodles
Gaeng Tai Pla over noodles


The morning of her birthday, Chompool went shopping. She is a sporty type of girl with her favorite sport being soccer. Thus, she decided on choosing a new soccer jersey for her gift. The jersey she choose was that of the Muangthong United team. The team is nicknamed the Twin Qilins. A qilin is a mythological creature much like a chimera. Muangthong’s logo is even two qilins facing each other. Chompool choose their home jersey which is red. She was very happy to have a new outfit.


birthday cake
Birthday cake


Chompool is an intelligent girl. She’s the top student in her class. Not only did she buy a cake, food and jersey, but she even had money left over. Being wise for her age, she decided she would save this leftover money. I am so proud of this sweet girl. We messaged each other in the morning also. She is so appreciative and thanked me many times. However, I was just happy to make sure she had a great birthday. We then continued on about how much we love each other. She makes me smile so big. Now it’s on to the the younger daughter’s birthday. Pan’s birthday is only two weeks later on November 2. Time to go prepare!


Muangthong FC football jersey
Chompool’s new soccer jersey


Happy Birthday Chompool! I love you!

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