Halloween Scary Movie Watchlist

In true Halloween fashion, I took time out to watch a few scary movies. All of the following are available on either Amazon Prime or Netflix. I really don’t watch many movies, but it was fun to catch up on a few scary movies. When I do watch any films, I enjoy horror and thrillers. Here’s the 5 movies that made my Halloween scary movie watchlist.


Dead Body (2017) – IMDb 4.9/10

The movie description sounded good; several teens visit a cabin in the woods and play the game of ‘Dead Body’ which turns out to actually be deadly. A huge theme of this story is jealousy.  Three different guys are infatuated with the main female character. The game goes wrong and people actually start ending up dead. It now becomes a classic whodunit, yet the killer is easily figured out early on. That doesn’t exactly ruin the movie, though, as it was still fun to watch the others try to figure out who the killer is. The movie was enjoyable until the end when things got a bit unbelievable. All in all, I agree with other reviewers and give the movie a 5. A good watch, but nothing special with a bad ending


Hell House LLC (2016) – IMDb 6.4/10

I felt like I hit a gem in this pick. The film is shot in documentary style. Several friends move out of New York City for Halloween to open a haunted house attraction. The reason they were able to get this particular house so cheap is that it comes with a storied history. On opening night, real people end up dead in the haunted house. The movie is the found videos that the friends shot leading up to the events. I have to admit, this one made me jump and hide my eyes behind my hands a few times. It was just the type of scary movie I enjoy. I give it a rating a bit higher than others and say it’s a 7.5. If you enjoy documentary style movies, you’ll love it. If you feel like these types make you too dizzy, then maybe hold off.


Ice Cream Truck (2017) – IMDb 5.3/10

Those who like this movie really like this movie as is evident in their praising reviews. However, this movie was horrible. It was a train wreck, but I stuck with it and watched the entire thing. The appeal may be that it aims for that classic slasher feel. To me it fell flat. It tries to be both a slasher and a weird erotica movie. The female lead has just moved to town. However, her husband is still out of town. She meets one of the neighborhood kids and they begin to grow a sexual chemistry together. The ice cream truck driver then begins killing people. This film was confused from the beginning. For a slasher, not many people died. As far as being a story of adultery, I hated it. Complete trash. I give it a 3, and that’s being generous.


The Conjuring (2013) – IMDb 7.5/10

I wasn’t for sure if I watched The Conjuring or not. Because I don’t watch a lot of movies, I sometimes get confused which ones I’ve already seen. Turns out, I did see it before. However, I went ahead and watched it again. This one has such a classic feel and will probably go down as one of the better scary movies of the decade. It’s a supernatural ghost story that involves an exorcism. The modern day ‘Exorcist’ of this generation. The audio team did an outstanding job with The Conjuring. That part really stood out to me as actually being done right. Most people have probably already seen it by this point. If you haven’t, give this one a go for sure. I agree with the score of 7.5 out of 10.


Truth or Dare (2017) – IMDb 5.2/10

Apparently, there is more than one movie called Truth or Dare. This is not the one that came out in 2018 which seems to be more popular. The movie starts with a flashback to a prior generation playing this fatal game of Truth or Dare. In the present, several friends gather at a house and end up playing the game. They soon find out they must play through the game or end up dead. I enjoyed the concept. Yet, there were not many ‘Truths’. It was more of a game of just ‘Dare’. It was also a bit too gory for me and I had to turn away several times. Others will like that part of it. It doesn’t get much love on written reviews, but I thought it was worth the watch. I give it slightly better than the 5.2 score, and round it up to 5.5.


I really enjoyed taking the time out for Halloween and watching a few scary movies. It’s not something I do a lot of. I might even try to catch another one on the actual Halloween date when I get off work. Thanks for reading!


Halloween Scary Movie Watchlist


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