Forces of the Universe at Play on Our Wedding Day

Sometimes occurrences can seem a bit more than just pure coincidence. Take for instance our wedding date. It would appear that the forces of the universe were at play on our wedding day. Exploring the symbolism of our special day does make me wonder…did the universe really help bring my wife and me together? Or is it just mere coincidence? An alignment within the chaos that the brain perceives as order. Either way, my wedding was the greatest day of my life and the symbolism just adds to our love story.


Ping Ping and I decided to wed on the date of April 15, 2018. We chose this day because Ping had 5 extra days off for Thailand’s Songkran Festival. I was using 2 weeks of paid time off to travel to Thailand and stay with her. However, there’s no such thing as paid time off for Ping. She fashions baby dresses in a factory where one either works or doesn’t get paid. So by having 5 days off anyway for this national holiday, it made it easier to ask for 5 more. That gave us 10 days to spend together. At the surface this was our only reasoning for the date we chose. Yet as we began planning I could actually see the symbolism all coming together.


Songkran is the Thai New Year. This holiday is usually three days, but the Thai government extended it this year to include two more days. The reasoning is simple…the traffic. For those who have come to Bangkok for work, this is a time to return home to spend with family. And since so many people need to leave their homes and move to Bangkok for work, this means the roads are extremely busy during this time. New Year’s celebrations around the world are associated with new beginnings. Obviously, this was a new beginning in our lives. Songkran Festival heavily features water.  Water washes away any negative residue and cleanses for the upcoming year. It is a popular time for soaking others with water whether by bucket, balloons, or water guns. This makes for a perfect time to have a wedding in Thailand.


April 15, 2018 occurred on a Sunday. Both Ping Ping and I were born on a Sunday. The day you were born holds special meaning in Thai folk practice. Explore my post Buddha Poses for the 7 Days of the Week in Thailand Culture. Looking at Sunday specifically, we see that it is known as ‘7 Days Looking’. For it was on a Sunday that Buddha achieved enlightenment. He then stood still for 7 days in admiration without once blinking an eye. Our marriage was on a Sunday. I had 7 more days left to admire my love before I returned to the United States. Thus, it appears in our case, you can associate enlightenment with marriage, and the 7 days being the amount of time we had left to show our admiration for each other. Really cool stuff, right? The universe has more to reveal though.


A new moon also took place on April 15. The Earth, sun, and moon all align at the time of the new moon. This takes form in the moon disappearing briefly as its cycle begins new. For this reason, some perceive the new moon as a great time for new beginnings. Now let’s look at precisely April 15. On this particular day, Aries at 26 degrees aligns with the planet Uranus. What does this mean in Western astrology? Once again we find the perfect time for taking action and starting something new. Do you start to see a theme here? What’s cool is that Ping is Thai, while I am American. One can view our marriage as both Eastern folk beliefs and Western folk beliefs coming together with the same attributes of ‘New Beginnings’.


To conclude…on a New Moon in the Thai New Year on a Sunday, which again holds special meaning in Thai practice for Ping and myself, we married and started a new life together. Was this the universe bringing us together and guiding us with its blessings? Hey, it was a special day for us so I’ll take it. It only adds to the mythology of our lives as a couple. It becomes a special chapter in our story. Therefore, yes, I will say that the universe was at play for us on the most important day of our lives. As Buddhists, we believe in the concept of karma, and this was the ultimate reward for the love we put out in the universe.


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