Destinations in North East Bangkok include Fashion Island

Destinations to Visit in North East Bangkok

Most visitors to Bangkok tend to visit destinations in the busier center of the city. Yet, Bangkok is a vast city with plenty of attractions. Districts outside of this main center have equally plenty to offer. Here we guide you to destinations in the North East districts of Bangkok: Khan Na Yao, Khlong Sam Wa, Bang Khen, Lat Phrao, Min Buri, and Bueng Kum.

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Siam Park City looks like a colorful castle
Have fun at Siam Park City

Khan Na Yao


Ram Intra Frontage Road

Did you know that Fashion Island ranks in the top 25 of the largest malls in the world? You can find almost anything at Fashion Island. They have stores that sell toys, home decor, jewelry, name brand clothing, and so much more. Choose from multiple coffee shops and food options. Watch a movie at the cinema and then even go ice skating. Fashion Island is one of the most popular malls in all of Bangkok. Plan to spend the entire day with all kinds of activities to keep you busy.


203 Suan Siam Road

Siam Park City is the oldest amusement complex in all of South East Asia. It opened in 1980 and has been pleasing visitors ever since. Enjoy both the Adventure Park and Water Park.

The Adventure Park is divided into 4 zones: Small World, Family World, Fantasy Zone, and the X-Zone.

Small World – Designed for your smaller family members with carousels, playgrounds, mini boats, and floating swans.

Family World – The next age group up can enjoy dinosaur themes, a log flume boat, an African safari adventure, and the double decker merry go round.

Fantasy World – Teens will enjoy this zone with various rides and roller coasters.

X-Zone – A thrill seeker’s dream with adrenaline pumping roller coasters.

The Water Park boasts the world’s largest wave pool. Here you can find seven story high water slides. Also included are waterfalls, a lazy river, and a spa club with Thai massages.

Exotic birds at Safari World
See animals at Safari World.

Khlong Sam Wa


99 Thanon Panya Intra

Safari World is an open zoo and theme park. The Safari park offers animal feedings and has English-speaking tour guides available. Meanwhile, the Marine world provides exhibits and daily shows. Two buffet options are available for meals. There are also two parking areas with train shuttles from Car Park 2. Similarly to other parks, there is a gift shop to buy souvenirs.


1090 Phraya Suren Road

Locally the temple is better known as Wat Mai Khlong Song. This temple is beautiful with very detailed architecture. It stands different from other temples because of the reddish clay color of the terracotta tiles. As a matter of fact, you can see water buffalo without heading outside of Bangkok. Be sure to include it on your list of temple destinations.

Liab Duan is a night market for hanging out.

Bang Khen


Pradit Manudharm Road

Liab Duan is one of Bangkok’s busiest night markets. Unlike other shopping areas (several counterfeits here), this market is recommended for just a night out with friends. It’s a popular place to hang out, grab dinner, and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Walk around the market while casually browsing. An old red phone booth is present for photos in addition to a giant Transformer. This is how many Thai like to spend a night in the area whenever they have holiday.

A large red heart you can take pictures in front of.
Take a photo with a giant heart at Wat Bumpennua.

Min Buri


Seri Thai Road

A nice temple, yet unique for its market and photo opportunities. There is a giant red heart that you can take a picture standing in front of. A dinosaur statue is also waiting here to take a photo with. Enjoy the different looking style bridge across the canal as well.


Ramkhamhaneng Road

Near Wat Bumpennua, you can combine theses two destinations into one trip. Wat Bang Peng Thai is an attractive temple in view of the Saen Saep Canal. Temple seekers will love the detailed craftsmanship on display here. Furthermore, you may give offerings of alms to the monks present at the floating market. The market is off of the actual canal despite the floating market name, but don’t let that stop you from taking a boat ride up and down the canal.

3 Golden statues of Buddha at Wat Lat Phrao
Wat Lat Phrao should be on your list of temple destinations.

Lat Phrao

Lat Prao Wanghin Road


Wat Lat Phrao is a lovely temple with several golden statues sure to impress. The design is incredible and worth the stop while in the area. Like many of the temples in North East Bangkok, not many tourists stop here. For this reason it is a great spot to experience more of the everyday culture in Bangkok.


Pradit Manutham Road

This mall has a great blend of both indoor and outdoor beauty. It is a newer mall that has become very popular with the locals. Many enjoy the fact that it is pet friendly and a great place for family with children. You can also catch a movie at the Eastville Cineplex. They even have a Kids Cinema.

Jogging trail at Seri Thai Park.
Relax or jog at Seri Thai Park.

Khlong Bueng Kum


Seri Thai 53 Alley

At Seri Thai you find a very clean park bordering the Lam Bueng Kum river. The park is a lovely place if you are looking to take photos of flowers. People like to come jog here, but it is also great if you want to just relax. Children will enjoy playing at the playground.

North East Bangkok has a bit of something for everybody. Perhaps you are an experienced visitor and are looking for destinations you haven’t seen in Bangkok before. Maybe you like visiting the sites without all of the tourists. You might just want to see what everyday life is all about for Thai people. The districts in this part of Bangkok will offer all of the above. Enjoy your stay in the North East part of Bangkok!

Destinations to Visit in North East Bangkok


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