Our Children are Completely Amazing

Our children are completely amazing. All parents love bragging about their kids, and I am no different in that regard. When I married my wife I became a father also. Ping Ping was a single mother of two daughters. Since meeting Ping, I have come to know these two little girls and their personalities. I have fallen in love with them. They bring a huge smile to my face just thinking about them now. However, the two could not be more polar opposites. It makes me chuckle, but I love them both the same.


Chompool is the oldest daughter. She will soon be turning 12 years old. Her personality is actually a lot like my own. At first she is shy until she gets to know a person closer. I love how she laughs at me when I speak Thai. Children in Thailand are raised to be very respectful of older family members. The wai is how Thai people greet one another (Learn more about the Wai in Thailand here). She is so cute when she shows respect to me in this way. Chompool is probably the most well mannered kid I have ever met. Again, she just reminds me of myself which creates a special bond.

our daughter's paper earned number one
Top of the class

The intelligence of this girl is astounding too. Chompool is the top student in a class of 50 children. She is constantly earning number 1 on school papers. I always enjoy hearing what the latest report was about. The most recent one covered the 5 basic precepts of Buddhism (Check out the basics of Thai Buddhism ). Before that, she had a more lighthearted paper which talked about koalas. A lot of her writing is about Thai traditions and legends though. Chompool says she would love to be a teacher one day. She would be excellent in this profession, perhaps even as a university educator.


Soccer, or football as it is known in most countries outside the U.S., is very popular in Thailand. Chompool loves playing soccer. Ping Ping and I recently bought the kids a few things, and the only thing Chompool even asked for was a soccer ball (Read about our shopping trip). We were more than happy to oblige. Brazil is currently her favorite team. Tomboyish all the way, she doesn’t pay much attention to dresses, make-up, fingernail polish or the sort. Most often she can be seen just wearing a soccer jersey or other sporty type shirt. Chompool also already drives the family motorcycle around the village. We have such high hopes for this wonderful girl. Her future will surely be bright.

Soccer ball and badminton bought for our children
Shopping for our daughters

Pan is our younger daughter. We usually call her by the name ‘Pancake’. She will be turning 11 years old this year. Pancake is definitely our girly girl. She is such a gorgeous young lady already. In fact, she has the desired look that epitomizes beauty for a Thai Isaan girl. Her interests are what you might already be expecting…Hello Kitty, fashion, hair, etc. 100% girl all the way. She might be beautiful, but she’s no slouch in school either. Whereas Chompool excels in book smarts, Pan is a very good artist. She loves her colored pencils. One day she says she even wants to outdo Chompool in schoolwork. Maybe that competitiveness will drive Pancake to really study hard.

Daughter's drawing of sumo style man with kid on shoulders in between two trees
Pancake’s drawing is number 1

Although only 10 years old now, Pancake can oftentimes already act like a teenager. You know the type…would rather be looking on a phone or hanging out with friends. Ping Ping already worries about Pan. Pancake is clearly the one that will want a boyfriend first. Hopefully that stage is many years still in the future, but we know it will come one day. I try comforting Ping by saying I will be the scary father that chases all the little boys off. When talking about the future, I think Pan would make a great make-up artist or hair stylist. Something along those lines. She very well could be a model too, or even a superstar (celebrity in Thailand). She is definitely our little diva princess and we love her for it…no matter how many headaches we have to look forward to in those teenage years ahead.


Indeed, I am one proud papa bear. They absolutely touch my heart and make me want to be the best man I can be. They openly accepted me as their father right away. My smile could not have been any bigger. I have always said that I wanted daughters. Now I have two of the best little girls I could have ever asked for. Ping Ping and I also have plans to have a baby together soon. Whether boy or girl, I look forward to adding one more to the family. I think Chompool and Pancake would enjoy having a new sibling too. One day I’ll brag about our third kid as well. My wife and I love these girls to pieces.  Yes, our children are completely amazing.


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