Chatuchak Park, One of Bangkok's Most Popular Public Parks

Chatuchak Park, One of Bangkok’s Most Popular Public Parks

Chatuchak Park, located just north of downtown Bangkok, is one of the city’s most popular public parks. This park is just one of three included in the Chatuchak Park Complex. The other two being Wachirabenchatat Park and Queen Sirikit Park. First opened in 1980, Chatuchak is the oldest of the three. Queen Sirikit Park was built in 1992. It was named and constructed after Queen Sirikit in honor of her 60th birthday. Wachirabenchatat, year 2002, is the most recent to open.

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Chatuchak Park Buddhist spirit house
Buddhist spirit house


I absolutely love finding good parks. They have beautiful scenery, nature, leisure opportunities, and are a great place for rest. People need this relaxation from time to time in a city as large as Bangkok. The Chatuchak complex delivers on this despite so much hustle and bustle going on around the area. Scenery at the Chatuchak Park includes a blend of greenery, a lake, and the architecture of the city buildings in the background. Queen Sirikit is where you can take photos of flowers and fruit trees. Whereas Wachirabenchatat is more active with cyclists and people jogging.


Perfect blend of trees, lake, and cityscape at Chatuchak Park
A blend of trees, lake, and cityscape


Food vendors greet you as you first arrive to the park. You can grab a meal, some Coke, and water from the food stands and then walk over to the lake. A man in the park rents out mats to sit on for a small fee. However, the mat allows you to sit up off of the ground (picnic tables are not present here). The lake is very nice and enjoyable. Many Thai people like to feed the birds and fish. Colorful buses pass by on Don Muang Toll Way as one looks across the waters. The blend of nature, lake, and urban landscape make for some nice photos. Additionally, a wooden bridge with arches stands near the shoreline allowing passage to the other side of the park.


An arched bridge across the lake
An arched bridge across the lake


Chatuchak Park can be either a destination all by itself or part of a longer day in the area. Easily make your way to Wachirabenchatat and Queen Sirikit Park by walking across Kamphaeng Phet 3 Road. Currently, construction is ongoing on the road and alongside the park, but Thai guards will usually still let you cross. Bangkok Butterfly Garden is located within Wachirabenchatat’s borders. You can find both the Children’s Discovery Museum and JJ Green Night Market at Queen Sirikit Park. There is also Chatuchak Weekend Market nearby. Other attractions in the area include a Train Cemetary, Union Mall, Central Plaza Ladprao, Wat Phai Tan, and a flower market.


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