• U.S. National Park Series

    Great Smoky Mountains: America’s Favorite

    I have very fond memories of growing up as a kid in North Carolina and driving to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. My family moved away when i was teenager, but I moved back to the area as an adult. The Great Smokies are one of those places that call out to you. The amazing views, green landscape, and dense fog make Great Smoky Mountains National Park America’s favorite. Proof of that is the fact that it is the most visited national park in the United States. Tennessee and North Carolina both claim part of the park. The Great Smokies have also even been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.…

  • Yellowstone Lake
    U.S. National Park Series

    Yellowstone National Park: An Outdoor Paradise

    Yellowstone has the distinction of being the very first national park in the United States. The majority of the park is located in the state of Wyoming, with parts of the park also stretching into Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone National Park is famous for the wildlife that call the park home and the amazing geothermal activity that takes place here. Furthermore, it is considered a supervolcano that could erupt at any moment.     I previously worked at Yellowstone for a great company called Delaware North. The best part of employment here is the chance to explore the park for an entire summer. I was also fortunate enough to make…

  • U.S. National Park Series

    Big Bend National Park: Mountains, Desert, and River

    Big Bend National Park was my entry point into working at national parks. Little did I know at the time, these parks not only needed park rangers, but also cooks, servers, front desk agents, maintenance, shuttle drivers, etc. While the National Park Service operates the park, they contract out to other companies to run hotels, restaurants, gift shops, and more. Back in 2008, I worked in the restaurant industry. Once I found out I could cook inside these parks my next decision was a no-brainer. I applied with Forever Resorts and two days later I was driving through the desert on my way to Big Bend. Working in a national…