• Work Projects, I Stay Busy All of the Time

    Work Projects, I Stay Busy All of the Time

    So I thought I would just do a quick post to talk about some work projects I’m working on under the Excuse My Thai umbrella. I stay busy pretty much all of the time. The blog was only the beginning for me. All of this is done while working a full time job too. That makes for a lot of work with very little time to get it all done. But, it’s all fun for me…the Excuse My Thai stuff that is, definitely not the real job stuff. Writing my first e-book Know Before You Go Thailand drove me even more. It gave me the confidence to take on other projects.…

  • Sain sin resting on a pa kwan tree
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    Sai Sin of a Traditional Thai Isaan Wedding

    The sai sin ceremony was my favorite part of the traditional Thai Isaan wedding with my wife, Ping Ping. Sai sin is the name of the white strings that have been blessed and then used during the wedding. Thai people also use these strings in other ceremonies such as house blessings and even funerals. During a wedding, the pa kwan (tree used in weddings and other events) holds the strings until it is time for the sai sin ceremony of the wedding. Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate marketing links. When you click a link and make a purchase we receive a commission at no extra cost to you.    …

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    Update on Our Blog, Ping’s Visa, and More

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Sawatdee krup! Ping Ping and I have been extremely busy as of late. Update – the blog has expanded to two more platforms. We have joined Blog Lovin and welcome you to follow us there. I am also now posting via LinkedIn. Feel free to add me on LinkedIn by searching people for Andrew Comte. We’re extremely happy about our progress on Pinterest – Follow us on Pinterest. Meanwhile, Instagram is still one of our favorites – Let’s follow each other on IG. We will continue to find more ways to increase our reach and will update everyone. We are so excited that Ping’s visa…

  • Petition to Marry your Thai Fiance in the United States with an I-129F

    Petition to Marry your Thai Fiance in the United States with an I-129F

    So you began a relationship with a Thai person, fell in love, and now desire to marry your fiance in the United States. Congratulations! An I-129F is your first step into making it possible to marry a Thai citizen within your country. By filling out this form you are petitioning the U.S. government to allow your fiance to enter the country on a K-1 visa for the purpose of marrying. It can be a time of great excitement, but also stress. USCIS approved my I-129F petition after 5 ½ months. The I-129F petition alone is now averaging a processing time of 5 ½ months to 7 months. The good news…

  • Ton Phaa paa, or money tree
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    Songkran Festival 2018 – a Small Village in Isaan

    Songkran Festival 2018 was an amazing time. My wife, Ping Ping, and I traveled from Bangkok to her home, a small village in Isaan. So what is Songkran? Songkran is the traditional new year of Thailand, which takes place in the month of April. All Thai people eagerly look forward to this holiday. Important is returning home to spend time with family. Featured heavily is water. This year, the Thai government extended the festival to 5 days, from April 12th to April 16th. The reason being that so people would have more time for travel. Driving from Bangkok to Isaan and back, it is easy to see why the holiday…

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    Happy Birthday to Our Daughter, Chompool

    October 11 was our daughter’s, Chompool, birthday. She turned 12 years old. Honestly, I don’t know who was more excited…her or me. I have been looking forward to it for some time now. Chompool is the older of our two girls. It’s already crazy to think that next year I’ll be the father to a teenager.     I sent $40 to Chompool for her birthday. In Thailand, $40 is more like $120 due to the exchange rate. She was definitely surprised to receive money. For those who don’t know, I became her father this year when I married her mother, Ping Ping. I wanted to spoil her due to…

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    Meet Our Lovely Little Cat, Sugar

    We love our crazy little cat Sugar. He was taken in as a young kitten this last May. At times cute and at other times super playful, Sugar has become part of our family. Today, he’s right around 8 months old. It’s amazing just how big Sugar has grown already. We’ve watched our little cat grow right before our eyes.   The vet told us Sugar is part Himalayan Flame Point. The name Flame Point is in regard to the colored markings on his fur. Orangish-brown markings are on his face, ears, and tail only. Other than that he is completely white. Sugar also has blue eyes just like me.…

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    Big Decision, Where to Move in the Future?

    The future is here…well, it’s not too far off anyways. Soon my wife should have her visa. We still wait patiently for the day the plane leaves Thailand for the United States. The day we finally live together. The question is…where to move? It’s a big decision. What city will we call home? The time to start planning ahead is now. The city I currently live in will be home for a little bit while Ping adjusts to life in the United States. Yet, it’s not where we want to stay forever.   You may be asking what’s wrong with staying put? My city is small, there’s no jobs, and…

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    7 Songs We Are Loving Right Now

    One of my favorite things to do with my wife is listening to songs on YouTube. Not only listening, but singing them together. Due to my wife being Thai, our selection is somewhat limited. However, people have translated quite a few American songs to the Thai language. Ping and I spend quality time together with music. The songs help her with learning more English too. Here’s the 7 songs we are loving right now.   1-Habits (Stay High) by Tove Lo This has been our top song for some time. It might not ever leave our list. The song is so memorable for us. We sung it together my first…

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    Our Children are Completely Amazing

    Our children are completely amazing. All parents love bragging about their kids, and I am no different in that regard. When I married my wife I became a father also. Ping Ping was a single mother of two daughters. Since meeting Ping, I have come to know these two little girls and their personalities. I have fallen in love with them. They bring a huge smile to my face just thinking about them now. However, the two could not be more polar opposites. It makes me chuckle, but I love them both the same.   Chompool is the oldest daughter. She will soon be turning 12 years old. Her personality…