• Rika Ishige

    Rika Ishige, Thailand’s Beloved MMA Fighter

    Rika “Tiny Doll” Ishige is a superstar beloved in Thailand. Once bullied due to being only 1/2 Thai and also of Japanese descent, her story is much different nowadays. Ishige is a MMA fighter that got her start in martial arts at an early age. Later, Rika advanced to Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She turned pro in 2017 and fights for ONE Championship. Fans have given her the nickname, “The Smiling Assassin”, which is derived from her smiling Thai demeanor yet dangerous ability to finish opponents. Hailing from Bangkok and representing Thailand, Rika Ishige currently holds a 4-3 record. She is sponsored by Bangkok Fight Lab and Tiger Muay…

  • Excuse My Thai on YouTube

    YouTube now Live / Excuse My Thai

    One of my big goals this year was to start a YouTube channel. I can now announce that Excuse My Thai is live on YouTube. You can check us out at this link Excuse My Thai YouTube. It’s really neat to start this new journey. I enjoy blogging, but my number one passion is making videos. Right after high school I actually took classes for this in college. It didn’t pan out back then, but nowadays with the availability of GoPro’s and editing software, pretty much anyone with a little money can start a YouTube channel. My first couple of videos were shot in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in…

  • Relationship

    Visa Decision is Finally in, Huge News!

    Huge news! The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok has made a decision on Ping Ping’s visa. We are beyond thrilled to announce that her visa is approved! Such an exciting day for us! It’s been a long journey and we’re just extremely happy to take the next step in our relationship. Almost one year has passed since I first petitioned for Ping Ping’s visa. And, although we made some missteps along the way, we can finally breath a sigh of relief at this decision. First, Ping Ping made an extra trip from Bangkok to Roi Et. This was due to me reading wrong instructions and not realizing that Ping Ping needed…

  • We are dying. So what will you do today?

    We are Dying, So What Will You Do Today?

    We are dying. Let those words strike a feeling deep inside of your gut because death is a certainty. The time to work on what legacy will be left behind for this world is now. Whatever that may be. Whether it’s art, a book, a philosophy, or any other creation. Decide on what that mark will be and make it happen. Nobody else is going to do it for you. Start making plans to see the things you want to see and have the experiences you want to experience. As in right now.   Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate marketing links. When you click a link and make a purchase…

  • Thailand News

    Coronation of HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn

    With Songkran Festival now over, the Kingdom of Thailand now turns its attention towards the coronation of HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn. Although already ruling over the nation, his Royal Majesty’s formal ascension to the throne will take place over the days of May 4 through May 6. This will be the first coronation ceremony that any Thai born after May 1950 will have ever witnessed. This was the date of the last coronation, that of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Thailand has been in a long period of mourning since Adulyadej’s passing in 2016. Here’s what you can expect both leading up to the coronation and during it.   Disclosure:…

  • Work Projects, I Stay Busy All of the Time

    Work Projects, I Stay Busy All of the Time

    So I thought I would just do a quick post to talk about some work projects I’m working on under the Excuse My Thai umbrella. I stay busy pretty much all of the time. The blog was only the beginning for me. All of this is done while working a full time job too. That makes for a lot of work with very little time to get it all done. But, it’s all fun for me…the Excuse My Thai stuff that is, definitely not the real job stuff. Writing my first e-book Know Before You Go Thailand drove me even more. It gave me the confidence to take on other projects.…

  • Salawat of a Thai temple
    Buddhism,  Travel

    What to Expect When You Visit a Thai Buddhist Temple

    The first thing to expect when you visit a Thai Buddhist temple (wat) are lots of buildings. Temples actually consist of several different structures. Remember, an active temple houses Buddhist monks. This is where they live. That’s why you will find a place to sleep and eat in addition to the area for prayer. There will also be important elements used in the landscaping that include statues, corner stones, and sacred trees. The three biggest structures are the ordination hall, the sermon hall, and either a chedi or prang. You can think of a temple as being divided in two: the Phuttawat and Sanghawat. The Phuttawat is the area dedicated…

  • Popular flowers of Thailand
    Culture,  Travel

    Flowers Popular in Thailand

    Thailand’s climate is tropical which makes it a wonderful location for flowers. In fact, trying to do a list of flowers popular in Thailand is difficult due to the vast number of them present. Therefore in this post, we attempt to list some of the bigger names. These flowers are popular for their significance in Thai culture, religion, or rarity.    Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate marketing links. When you click a link and make a purchase we receive a commission at no extra cost to you.      Golden Shower Tree The golden shower tree, or ratchaphruek in Thailand, is known for its elegant yellow flowers. Its scientific name…

  • Reclining Buddha, Ayutthaya, Thailand

    Reclining Buddha in Buddhism and Thailand

    The Reclining Buddha comes from an important time of Buddha’s life. That time right before he enters parinirvana. Also known as nirvana-after-death, the term refers to the death of someone who has attained nirvana in their lifetime. Rebirth is a strong theme in Buddhism that states a person lives life after life perfecting one’s self until finally reaching the state of parinirvana. Thus, parinirvana is the ending of this cycle of rebirth.   Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate marketing links. When you click a link and make a purchase we receive a commission at no extra cost to you.   The Buddha pauses. He tells his followers to make a…

  • 9 Real Quotes from the Buddha

    9 Real Buddha Quotes

    One of my biggest peeves is seeing quotes attributed to the Lord Buddha that are not real. I think my problem with it is how casually they are used. In reality, sayings from the Buddha were given to his followers and are meant to teach real knowledge. So with this in mind, I wanted to share 9 of my favorite real quotes from the Buddha. Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate marketing links. When you click a link and make a purchase we receive a commission at no extra cost to you.   I also want to pass along a great resource for those wanting to check to see if a…