Big Decision, Where to Move in the Future?

The future is here…well, it’s not too far off anyways. Soon my wife should have her visa. We still wait patiently for the day the plane leaves Thailand for the United States. The day we finally live together. The question is…where to move? It’s a big decision. What city will we call home? The time to start planning ahead is now. The city I currently live in will be home for a little bit while Ping adjusts to life in the United States. Yet, it’s not where we want to stay forever.


You may be asking what’s wrong with staying put? My city is small, there’s no jobs, and the weather is just way too hot. I’ll try to maintain a bit of privacy by only saying I live in the Southwest. I hate the heat. Luckily for me, my wife does too. She’s used to the tropical climate of Thailand, which may be even worse than this region of the United States. The last thing she wants is to stay in this blistering heat. We don’t want long summers. The cold is more our style. That doesn’t necessarily mean a move up north, but the 100 degree plus weather here for two entire months is a no go. Besides, the lack of jobs make it difficult for us to ever have the future we want. A little scenery would be nice too. Let’s just say it’s a tad bland here.


skyline of Tampa, Florida
Tampa, Florida


We do have options for our decision. My family is a bit spread out. My aunt, for instance, lives in Tampa, Florida. Florida sounds pretty cool. I’ve stayed with my aunt for two summers when I was teenager. Clearwater Beach is nearby. I love the beach. The great thing about a large city such as Tampa is that there are more Buddhists. My wife comes from Thailand, where over 90 percent of the population is Buddhist. I too now consider myself Buddhist. Research on the internet shows that there are some nice temples in Tampa. In addition, a larger city means more job opportunities.


shoreline at Corpus Christi, Texas
Corpus Christi, Texas


My sister settled down in Corpus Christi, Texas several years ago. This could be another great city for us to move to. My wife already adores my sister’s children. She would love to be able to play with them on weekends. While you don’t get beaches here like in Florida, Corpus is still on the Gulf of Mexico. Just thinking about the fresh seafood that would be available makes my mouth water. Padre Island National Seashore is also located in Corpus Christi. A great place to relax. I’ve been there already, and I love it. The lack of any elaborate Buddhist temples is a knock against the city, but it does still have a couple of smaller temples at least.


Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains


The state of Colorado sounds excellent to both Ping and myself. Actually, we already have plans to take a trip that way after Ping arrives in the United States. We already had one honeymoon in Thailand, but this will be for our honeymoon in the States. Colorado has snow which makes it extremely tempting for us. Thai people love the thought of snow as most will never see any in their lifetime. In fact, it’s the one promise Ping wanted out of me. Taker her to see and play in the snow. Colorado also has outdoor activities galore. I’m a huge outdoors guy. The thought of whitewater rafting, snowboarding, hiking, and fishing gets my adrenaline pumping. A decision would need to be made on which city to move to, but Colorado is high on our list.


Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge


As far as sleeper picks…California is on the list. There’s good reason for us to consider the state. Cali is home to the largest Thai population in the States. Los Angeles even has the largest population of Thai people outside of Asia. However, that’s just a trivia fact for you. There’s no way we are moving to LA, but perhaps a different city would suit us. Thai restaurants and Buddhist temples would be very easy for us to find in California. It might be a long shot, but it cannot be ruled out completely right now.


Snowy Wisconsin street
Snowy Wisconsin street


Okay, if Cali is a long shot then Wisconsin is a hail mary. One thing about me…I’m a hardcore Green Bay Packers fan. The thought of living in Wisconsin and going to football games is interesting. Sitting in a local restaurant and watching Aaron Rodgers rain touchdowns on the Chicago Bears is nice to dream about. The reality though, is that Wisconsin may be just too cold for us. I’m not sure we could survive a winter there in all honesty. We like the cold, but up north is a different beast entirely. Northerners are some tough people. Perhaps watching the Packers roast their competition is best left for us to view on the television from another location.


Where will we end up? That’s the decision we face. Right now, we are not for sure. Family could be the difference maker. It’s always easier to move somewhere where you already know people. Yet, maybe we land somewhere not even on our radar presently. There is uncertainty about the future, but as long as we have each other we’ll be fine. All we truly want is to just be together somewhere. Maybe our trip to Colorado makes us want to stay permanently. Or a visit to family out of state may convince us to make their city our city. The only real requirement for our decision, is that we are together and happy.


Big Decision, Where to Move?

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