7 Songs We Are Loving Right Now

One of my favorite things to do with my wife is listening to songs on YouTube. Not only listening, but singing them together. Due to my wife being Thai, our selection is somewhat limited. However, people have translated quite a few American songs to the Thai language. Ping and I spend quality time together with music. The songs help her with learning more English too. Here’s the 7 songs we are loving right now.


1-Habits (Stay High) by Tove Lo

This has been our top song for some time. It might not ever leave our list. The song is so memorable for us. We sung it together my first time visiting Ping in Thailand. It may sound like such a simple memory to some. Being in a long distance relationship is different though. Chilling in an apartment and singing songs together was the first time our relationship felt normal.


“Gotta stay high all my life

To forget I’m missing you”


The chorus holds a different meaning for us. We’re separated by distance, missing each other, and need to stay positive. I’m so impressed when my wife sings this one. She doesn’t even sound Thai! It sounds like she’s already been living in America for years. I joke around with her about it too. She speaks Thai, but sings in English.


2-Now or Never by Halsey

I was hooked the very first time this song came on the radio. It reminded me of our relationship. Immediately, I sent Ping the link. Before meeting each other, we were both single and 35 years old. Honestly, it felt as if time was running out to find true love. After we met, it was like…’I need to be with you now!’


“I want you to hold me down

Down forever

Said you know I wanna keep you around 

Around forever

I want you to love me now

Now or never”


This is the one song on the list that is not translated to Thai. However, the chorus is so easy. Ping has no trouble with it. She also likes the slang meaning about some of the lyrics. This is exactly how I felt about her. I wanted to hold her down forever. So, I asked her to marry me. Now she will be around forever.


3-Take Me To Your Heart by Michael Learns to Rock

Michael Learns to Rock is a Danish band, but that part doesn’t hold much meaning to us. The reason being that the YouTube translated version is sung by an unnamed female singer. The video is also set to the Disney movie, Frozen. Ping was singing this one before even knowing me. It’s easy to see why she likes it. The singing is slow with English that is easy to understand. The video seems to go perfect with the song. So much so, that I thought it was actually a female singer’s song and from the movie.


“Take me to your heart

Take me to your soul

Give me your hand and hold me

Show me what love is

Be my guiding star

It’s easy, take me to your heart”


4- Pretty Boy by M2M

Never heard of it? Me neither. Another song Ping was already singing before we met. The song was released in 2000 by the Norwegian pop duo, M2M. It is from the debut album, Shades of Purple. Furthermore, it wasn’t even one of the album’s singles. The album had 3 singles, and none were Pretty Boy.


“Oh my pretty pretty boy

I love you

Like I never loved no one before you

Pretty pretty boy of mine

Just tell me you love me too”


The beauty of the song is the slow pace. It sounds very American 90’s pop to me. For someone learning English, this is a great song. The slow singing and basic lyrics definitely make it easy to pick up on.


5- Zombie by The Cranberries

Next we go from the unknown to a song every person in the United States knows. Zombie is an absolute classic. The Thai version is also very popular with the video clocking in at just about 13 million YouTube views. I was surprised to learn that my wife already knew the song and could rock out to it.


“In your head

In your head

Zombie, zombie, zombie”


Did you know this was a protest song though? Sadly, a 1993 IRA bombing in Warrington, England killed 2 young children. The event inspired The Cranberries to create this song.


6- Sugar by Maroon 5

One day my wife asked me to name some artists that were currently popular in the United States. Maroon 5 instantly came to mind. It seems that they always have a song on the radio. Ping then came across Sugar already translated to Thai on YouTube. This one is very difficult for her due to the speed, but I’m proud of her for attempting it. Hey, this song is even fast for me.


“Your sugar, yes please

Would you come to put it down on me

I’m right here, cause I need

Little love, a little sympathy”


Also, there is double meaning for us. Sugar is the name of our cat. He’s a white Himalayan flame point. Every time Ping calls me, Sugar runs to the phone. He recognizes Ping’s voice and loves being close by when we talk.


7- Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello

The last song on the list is actually the newest one we’re listening to. I just found out about this kid, Machine Gun Kelly. Recently, I’m listening to everything by him. MGK is primarily a rapper, but there is more to him than that. He really is just a great young artist. Camila Cabello is great in this also. I was happy to see a MGK song already translated to Thai.


“I want you forever

Even when we’re not together

Scars on my body so I can take you wherever

Like I want you forever

Even when we’re not together

Scars on my body I can look at you whenever”


Rap isn’t the easiest genre for someone still learning English due to the speed of the lyrics. However, the song is a mix of MGK’s rapping coupled with Cabello’s pop. The pop chorus is much easier for Ping than the rap verses. Although I have heard this on the radio in the past, I never knew who sung it until this month.


There you have it, the top songs Ping and I love right now. New songs are always being translated to Thai on YouTube, but you never know what the songs will end up being. It’s kind of fun in this way. From time to time we find a new one translated with both English and Thai lyrics. There’s also probably some we just haven’t discovered yet. However, we’ll keep searching and singing in love together.


7 Songs We Are Loving Right Now


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