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Sawatdee krup. My name is Andrew. Excuse My Thai is a blog about me discovering Thailand’s culture from my wife, Ping Ping. We are newlyweds ready to start our lives together. I not only fell in love with Ping Ping, but also her country. I love everything Thai…from the food, to the temples, and all in between. Ping Ping’s visa was approved on May 8. She can now travel to the United States. I will be back in Thailand in July. Afterwards we will fly together to the United States. Soon the blog will feature her discoveries about American culture also.

We’re also now on YouTube! Our channel just features some of the places I go on days off for now. Although, soon Ping Ping will make her debut and you can check out her first experiences of the United States. I’ll also be filming while in Thailand which will be really neat. Thanks for joining us on our journey!



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